An adjective is a word that modifies a noun or a pronoun. Adjectives are describing words. Large, grey, and friendly are all examples of adjectives.

Examples –

  • They live in a big, beautiful.
  • This shop is much nicer.
  • The sky was multicolored.

(i). Adjectives may come before a noun

He found a nice job

(ii). Adjectives may also come after certain verbs like be, feel, seem, look:

  • He is intelligent
  • I feel happy
  • She seems unhappy
  • They look fantastic

The Different Types of Adjectives

  1. The Articles
  2. Possessive Adjectives
  3. Demonstrative Adjectives
  4. Indefinite Adjectives
  5. Numbers Adjectives

The Articles – There are only three articles, and all of them are adjectives: a, an, and the. Because they are used to discuss non-specific things and people, a and an are called indefinite articles.

Examples –

  • I think an animal is in the garage.
  • I own a horse and two cats.
  • The girl sitting next to me raised her hand.

Possessive Adjectives – my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their – modify the noun following it in order to show possession.

Examples –

  • This is my car
  • Why didn’t you clean your room?
  • Its color is beautiful.

Demonstrative Adjectives- Demonstrative adjectives are adjectives that are used to modify a noun so that we know which specific person, place, or thing is mentioned.

Examples – (This, that, former, latter, these, those)

  • If I hear that parrot again, I will call the police.
  • Can you pass me this black pen?
  • The former education minister was a corrupt person.

Indefinite Adjectives – Indefinite adjective offers general information about the amount of the noun it modifies.

Examples – another, any, less, little, many, more, much, some

  • She left the house a few (adjective) minutes (Noun) ago.
  • I expected several visitors for today’s function.
  • Both charges have not been proved.

Numbers Adjectives- Numbers are classified as adjectives too.

Examples –

  • I have five
  • You have three
  • They have ten

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