An Essay on my Hobby

Life is a very complicated journey; it is filled with many trials and tribulations. Allah does not created this life to be perfect, this world is a temporary place and we are temporary beings as it is now even proven by science that this world came into being due to a strong collision of some planets with the sun and when the sun busted our world came into being and one day it will come to an end, so do our life. Does that mean we should stop living our life to the best capacity? We have to enjoy this life because it is not only a test that is filled with calamities there are many beautiful aspects of life, it is a blessing that you only get once.
Every human being is filled with worries of work and earning, in west or in east man has become a machine who is running after money to fulfill his needs and the needs of his family. He rarely gets free time and he wastes that free time idly. As Khalil Jinbran remarks, “Your daily life is your temple and your religion.” You have to take care of your life and serve its purpose the same way as you do for your religion or holy places. For that; you need to have some kind of hobby that makes you happy and your soul can rejoice.
Every person has their own interests apart from their professional life, as each individual is different their taste and interests and talents are also different from each other, some are good at cooking, some people love to paint or draw while others collect different things in which they are interested. My hobby is to read and write. This is something that I love to do in my spare time.
“It matters not how long you live, but how.” Bailey. Everyone is living their life in monotonous way or routine, they do not make any difference in society and live their life like animals, as I love to read and write it also gives me more exposure to life and makes me value my life more. Reading gives you wisdom, it is the most interesting hobby, you can read any kind of book you want. A piece of text that you hold in your hand is a result of so much hard work and blood and sweat that a writer puts in it, he gives a glimpse into the world of his own experiences, mind and imagination. You can travel into the history and be a part of the place that your eyes have never witnessed, you can practice rituals that you have never heard of, you can be any character or be at any landscape that you want, you can observe the story from any point of view, this the magic of reading, it lets you escape from one world, time or place to another. It also helps you in increasing your knowledge and you can have more wisdom, empty brains can never flourish.
Writing is also a very useful hobby, if you write you can have an outlet where you can pen down your imagination you can share your ideas and experiences with the world so that can benefit from it as well and understand your perspective and outlook about a certain situation or life in general.
“As is a tale, so is life; not how long it is but how good it is, matters.” by Lucius Annaeus Seneca. You life becomes good when you take some time out of your busy routine and spend it on something that you are passionate about and it can be anything. Gardening, knitting, composing poetry, singing, or any other thing, these are only some options of the hobbies that you can choose according to your own comfort and desire. You spend your free time in doing something you love in this way you polish your skills and sometimes it opens the doors of more opportunities in life.
You need to dig in and find your interests according to your taste and invest time in it, this gives you pleasure as well as satisfaction. “Happiness grows at our own firesides, and it is not to be picked at stranger’s garden.” by Douglas Jerrold. Just by adding a little effort you can find endless amount of joy in your life, in order to be in a healthy state of mind you have to make efforts for yourself and add a little color in your life by spending your free time in the hobbies that you life, as I spend my time in reading and writing that time is “My Time” my personal space where I am free to fly and create whatever I desire, this makes life more easier and contented.

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