Ban the profession of Snake Charmer

You are Himani/Hitesh of class XII. You see snake charmers showing snakes and making them dance on Pungi. Write a speech in 100 words on ‘Ban the Profession of Snake Charmer’. Use the verbal inputs-give scientific training of snake rearing, present methods are outdated, snake dies, a profession not charming.

Ban the profession of Snake Charmer

Good morning everybody. I, Himani, the student of XII class of Havarti Public School, Kota stand before you to speak on : ‘Ban The Profession of Snake Charmer’. The profession of snake-charmer should be banned or they should be given the scientific and technical training of snake rearing. Today’s snakes are traditional. Their method and technique are old and outdated. Most of the snakes in their capture ultimately die. This profession is not charming today. No boy or girl likes to be a snake charmer. Thus, we can say that profession as snake charmer will be extinct very soon. Thank you.

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