Construction Site Sealed by the Authorities

Construction Site Sealed by the Authorities

Project Director,

Housing Scheme, India.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you’re good self about the current matter regarding the delay in work at site due to Government authorities. It has been two months since we started the construction work at site for the establishment of the commercial plaza at an area of 50,000 square feet. It is quite a big area to cover for us but we managed to deal with that very humbly and is carrying out the work at its best.

With reference to your last letter received dated 12, September 2020 regarding the approval of construction at the site by the concerned Govt. authorities. It is being stated that the all the plans relating to the site and work have been submitted to their office and we await their final approval but you at the other hand directed us to continue our work with the same manner as we are doing since the start of the works.

As advised and directed by you we carried on our work and did not stop it for a single day. While we were working all of a sudden the police came at our site with a few Govt. personnel’s who held our work and suspended it for the time until the approval of the plan you submitted to them. We are here to inform you about the delay and the imminent reason for the delay in the work.

It is not upon us from now on keeping the work in time. It is requested that you may get this building approved by the competent authority and inform us so that we can continue our suspended work at the earliest.


Quick response in this regard is requested so that it does not waste any more of our time.

Thanking you and assuring you our best services at any time.

Yours truly,

Project Manager

Core Construction Company


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