Essay on Importance of Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are made by professionals to protect and avoid any hazardous situation on the roads, it is for the safety of every citizen that is out on the road, and either it is a driver or bystander. These rules exist to avoid any mishaps on the road. It’s important to have an understanding of all the traffic rules not only by the drivers but also by the pedestrians. The road has its own language and in order to communicate better and to be on-road a person must know the language and rules of the road.
The first thing that is very important and vital to understand is the harm of over speeding. Daily, thousands upon thousands of people lose their lives on the road in various accidents that are mostly caused due to over-speeding. When an average man goes out for work, he is always in a rush to be on time to his workplace no matter what it takes, due to which they choose to over-speed their vehicle as a result many accidents occur. The first and foremost significant thing is to observe the speed limit that is mentioned on the roads, it is your responsibility as a driver to follow the rules and maintain the speed limit, and you might get to work a few minutes later but that will save you from a mishap. When you drive according to the speed limit that is provided; you not only save your own life but also the lives of other innocent people who often lose their life because of irresponsible behavior of the drivers.
Secondly, it is your duty to read the traffic signs, you should have the knowledge of what these signs mean, these signs are on the road for a reason which you need to understand if you want to be on the road. You are supposed to not only understand but also act upon these signs in order to avoid any emergency situation that can cause a panic situation. One thing that you need to realize is the effect that any accident can cause, when an accident occurs it has after-effects on the patient someone might lose their life while other might live with a permanent injury for all their lives, its effects are worse than your imagination which should always be kept in mind, these situations could be avoided by acting on all the provided traffic rules and signals.
Another thing which has to be kept into consideration while you are on the road is the Road Signals, these signals can be of three kinds according to Indian congress these road signals falls under three distinctive categories; first is Regulatory Signs that are related to the regulations which you must follow then secondly there are informatory signs that represent some kinds of information that helps you to be safer on the road and lastly there comes the Warning or Cautionary signs that exist to warn you about the certain places which might be risky most of the times these are the sites which are under construction.
Like mentioned earlier in the very first paragraph; the road has its own language which means another thing which is to be kept in mind are the Hand Signals that are used widely on roads. Often, traffic police use hand signals to stop the vehicles or to give instructions on the road, sometimes the traffic signals might get stuck in such situation the traffic police controls and manages traffic through hand signals; these are the symbols that represent various actions that a passenger has to take, so it is important to understand the meaning of these signals.
As aforementioned, another important part of road language are the road markings and the pavement markings, these markings should be understood especially by the pedestrians because it also involves the zebra-crossing sign which is used to indicate the pathway for the pedestrians. The people who are driving should be aware of the rights of the pedestrians the road belongs to them the most according to the traffic rules, so you have to be extra cautious and alert when someone passes by your vehicle, you should slow down the speed in order to avoid any harmful situation.
In conclusion, traffic rules are direly important as in the 21st century everybody is out on the road and is in rush always, many people lose their lives if they do not follow the traffic rules so in order to live in a better and safe way traffic rules play a crucial role which cannot and should not be denied.

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