Essay On Major Issues of Gender Inequality

Today we stand on a different level in this global village where everyone is interconnected, where there is a huge ocean of knowledge and information that is easily accessible. People are more educated and aware of their rights then they were before. But even in 21st century when we are at the heights of technology, when we have reached space and making new discoveries day by day, deep down in the hidden areas there lies many issues which are often highlighted but mostly deliberately forgotten or avoided; one the major issues that still need to be resolved is the Gender Inequality.
Before adding light to the major issues of gender inequality it is important to understand what is Equality or Equal Rights? By the law of nature, every human being is born different, they are physically different from each other, their features and personalities are different but does that mean their rights as individuals are not equal?; The answer to this question is very simple yet very twisted and complicated, many struggles have been made from centuries to find an answer to this question. Every human being holds equal fundamental rights in their lives; that involves the right of basic education, job, and their proper place in the society, these rights should be equal for everyone, regardless of their gender or social background. Every human being should be given their basic rights to live their lives and make their own place in society. But the question that arises here is; is everyone getting equal rights and opportunities in their lives?
For centuries women have been fighting for their equal rights, Feminism is a very hot topic till this date. Now, women walk freely, they get their education and place in society, it was not always like this. Feminism itself contains three waves, first wave of feminism was at the very beginning of late 18th and early 19th century at that time women could not even think about the education they were only confined to their homes, they were given no identity or any right to vote, but few women stood out and raise their voices to get their basic rights of living; later on in the second wave women struggled for their right of education and jobs during the 19th century but they still faced backlash they could only serve as teachers or caretakers at different homes of wealthy people whereas, 3rd wave of Feminism is still going on and the main aim of it is to get equal job opportunities, educational opportunities and mainly equal pay because if a woman is a CEO of any company and a man is doing the same job she will be made much lesser than a man for the equal amount of work which is completely unfair. They deserve equal pay for the same job. Moreover, women are not offering jobs at any higher level, it very rare that they get any chance because they are considered physically incapable of doing stressful jobs.
As aforementioned, the struggle for equal rights of women is still going on; it is a major issue of concern in almost every county. Women of the west consider herself freer than the women of the east. But just because they are free to wear the clothes they like and go out whenever they want; does that makes them more free and independent? The basic problem still lies there, women are supposed to be the homemaker, she has to make meals, take care of her children’s needs and be there for them 24/7 with that if she chooses to work she gets no support from her family and at work, she works tirelessly just like the man of the house but she is paid less than what she deserves. These are the issues that still need to be resolved.
Who are the people who are making laws for the rights of women? Who holds the right to pass the rights? The dilemma is that even the lawmakers who hear the voice of women are men, they are controlling force. Even if a woman wants her rights to pass on she has to make it approved by the men, because they govern their future.
Till now women are given much more rights than before, now she can acquire education and choose her career

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