Essay on My Favorite Personality my Teacher

Few people in your life inspire you; some are there to teach you, some are your close friends and family. The first strong bond that anyone shares with a person is his or her parents, then siblings and family. There are some special people that enter your life and you are driven away and your mind gets under the influence of their personality, that person becomes your ideal and favorite personality.
I have been influenced by many people in my life, everyone meets a special person who teaches him the ways of life but few are lucky ones who get to learn from someone who actually practically practices everything that they preach and their behavior with others tells you that this person really does stand out and stand by her words. I have been lucky enough to get a teacher who not only made me a better person but also inspired me to achieve great things in life, no matter what the situations are. When I entered college I was very disheartened due to my performance at high school, though I had always been a very bright student due to some wrong choices and financial stress I was not able to score what everyone expected from me, as a result, I was labeled as a dull student.
As mentioned above, when I went to college I was hopeless, I still remember the first day when my favorite teacher entered the class she came with a bright smile on her face and interacted with us not about our subjects but about our passions, this was something new; nobody did that before. When I answered her about the love I have for poetry and writing she was thrilled and insisted me to read something out loud, which I never did from a very long time so I refused and said that I am very shy; she took the piece of paper from my hand and read my poem in front of all my fellows. To my surprise after two minutes, everyone in the class was clapping for me so do her. She said that I am one very talented student and she wants me to approach her whenever I need help in writing or editing, this does not only gave me confidence but also the courage to change the perception of people around me. So I decide to take part in an academic competition where she supported me and I won. That was the day when I felt that I am blessed, no teacher goes out of her way to support and help her students but she always did.
Whenever I had a hard time, she just looked at my face and she would know in an instant that I might be going through some hard time. She was the one teacher who taught us how to speak in front of your parents, how to deal with difficult situations and what we are supposed to do if we enter practical life and we don’t get a job according to our expectations; how we can still be hopeful. Her behavior with the maids and clerks of our college was something extra-ordinary, she is such a kind-hearted person that whenever anyone from the staff or the workers at our college had any problem they all looked for her because they knew she is the lady who is actually going to help them out. We always saw her standing whenever any elder teacher arrived, she always bows down in front of older people. This shows she not only teaches but practices everything that she taught us. Even now when my college has ended she still manages to meet me and my fellows and ask about our work, health, and future plans.
She is the person in my life who I can trust after my parents because I know a teacher is a person who will be happy with your success just like your parents. My favorite personality is my Teacher and I say that with pride; because she has instilled in me the love for humanity and she has taught me to believe in the positive side of the world, no matter what the circumstances are I will still be a fighter, this is what makes her so special and favorite.

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