Essay on Pollution, its Causes, Remedies and Environmental Effects

Oxygen is important for the existence of human species. If we need to have a healthy life the most essential thing that we need is a clean and neat environment where we can breathe fresh air. When the air gets polluted our breathing gets affected by it, because of which we suffer from many diseases, for stable and healthy life pollution in the air needs to be controlled. There are various reasons which cause pollution and the air gets contaminated.
In the 21st century roads are filled with vehicles, most of the people own their own cars which they use as a daily commute; the smoke that is generated due to these vehicles is the main reason of pollution in the environment. The industrial areas are another factor that are the source of pollution in the air, many factories generate smoke which is harmful for the people and they produce chemicals too and the waste of these chemicals is added in the water because these factories and companies do not have proper system to destroy the wastage material, this is an alarming situation and it is not only harmful for human beings but also for the animals that lives in the sea. The polluted water is also used by people who have no water supplies at their homes and they have to get water from the sea or canals which are contaminated.
As aforementioned, a large group of people is suffering from various lung diseases and stomach diseases due to the polluted air and contaminated water. Due to lack of resources at hospitals many people die due to these diseases. Proper medical facilities and resources can help to cure many ailments that are caused due to pollution and it is necessary to provide these facilities in order to save the lives of people who are suffering.
People on a large scale are unaware of the harmful effects of the smoke that they induce into the air; they are less educated and are not properly informed about the harm that they are causing to the environment which will have verse effects on the life of future generation. Government needs to take measures and add awareness programs in the curriculum of schools they should also educate the industry holders and the citizens about the causes and effects of pollution and how it can be dangerous for the lives.
Controlling pollution in the air is a very hideous task but it is not impossible to achieve it. Now with the advancement in the technology, engineers and scientists are working on this issue, in the US many companies are making vehicles which do not produce smoke and in such way pollution can be stopped on a very high level. Industries should have proper drainage system where they can dispose off their waste materials. Another alarming situation that needs to be addressed is the condition of Ozone layer which protects the planet earth from the harmful rays of the Sun, scientists have now discovered that it is badly affected and the harmful rays now reaches the earth which is the main cause of Global Warming around the world; that results into climate change and many glaciers gets melted which were previously very popular tourist attractions, it is also effecting the lives of people as in the present era climate is badly affected due to which it does not rain as often as it used to in the past, as a result crops get affected and people do not find organic food that easily.
As mentioned above, crops are also getting affected and this is causing the generation of food through artificial means that means the inorganic food that we consume is also causing many health issues, the most dangerous one is cancer. It is almost incurable.
In order to avoid these hazardous situations, we need to take proper measures to stop smoke from entering the air which can be done with the advancement in technology by providing alternative ways where people can travel in the cars that do not generate any smoke. It can be stopped by making proper systems at every place that generate smoke in a way that the smoke could not enter the air and the waste material gets wasted underground instead of coming into the rivers or water. Education about the pollution and its harmful effects can help to save environment because when people will be aware of the harmful effects of pollution they will try to control it on their own as well.

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