Flag Day

Flag Day 

Flag Day is one in all the popular competition of us. Flag Day|day} is widely known on 14 June in us. it’s celebrated within the memory of the adoption of the flag of us.

The flag of us was adopted in 1777. The day is additionally celebrated as Army birthday by us Army. In 1916, the yank president United States President issued a proclamation that established ordinal June as day.

In 1949, it absolutely was established by the AN act of Congress. The day isn’t a federal vacation.


On 14, June 1777, Brits’ image of the grand flag was replaced by a brand new style of flag, that includes thirteen white stars in a very circle on a field of blue and thirteen red and white stripes – one for every state. This flag is may be created by the City of Brotherly Love modiste sempstress, WHO was a politician flag maker for the Pennsylvania Navy. the number of stars will increase on the flag if the new states entered the Union.


Flag Day is widely known in emblem Week. it’s the time once Americans replicate on the foundations of the nation’s freedom. This flag specifies liberty and therefore the enduring country’s ideal. Most of the yanks show the American flags at homes and public buildings on at the moment. There are some ceremonies organized like the flag-raising ceremony, Flag Days services, quizzes, street parades, essay competition on Stars and Stripes, etc.

Public Life

Flag Day is widely known virtually all told states however it’s not a public vacation in several elements of the country. it’s a holiday in some areas like Montour County, Pennsylvania in the USA.

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