Format of Final Payment Letter to Contractor

Format of Final Payment Letter to Contractor

Mr. Gold Maxwell,

 Chairman International Contractors

 H block, Street No. 13, Office No. 10 in Tower Plaza, London 

Dear Mr. Gold Maxwell,

I hope you will be kicking in the fine summer. Your request for the final payment of the ‘Visionary Project’ has been received by our office.

 As you know that we have fine track record of our payments to you. Indeed, we have often made the payment before the date of your request. I am confident that the same will happen in this case. I have forwarded your request to our finance division for the final approval of the said payment. It will take due course of time. After that, your outstanding final payment of US 5 million dollars will be transferred to your account. We’ll try our best to make the payment before your request date to further harmonize our business relationship. Any inconvenience in this regard is regretted!

 In case of any inquiry, you can contact me via phone or email during our office timing. 

Take Care! 

Best Regards,

 Mr. Johnson Parkar

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