• Interjections are used to express emotions such as surprises , joy, anger , fear . Etc…
  • Interjections are usually followed by an exclamation mark. 

Example :


  • Congrats! You finally got a job.
  • So you know everything about this, eh?
  • Finally, you won! Yaay!
  • Oops! I did a small mistake.
  • Wow! That’s a really great idea!


More words :



  • Aah – used to express fear.
  • Ahh –used for realization and acceptance.
  • Aww –used for something sweet or cute.
  • Oh –expressing surprise, pain.
  • Ouch –express pain.
  • Whew –Amazement.
  • Yeah –a variant of ‘yes’.
  • Yippee –exclamation of celebration.
  • Hmm –thinking/hesitating about something.
  • Um –pausing or being skeptical.





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