Letter Before Action Template to Landlord

Mr. Raheem Shah,

101-W, Street 11,

Model Town,


Subject: Letter before action for refunding tenancy deposit

Dear Mr. Raheem,

Please be informed that I have been your tenant from 17th June, 2014 to 30th April, 2015 at 100-A, Street 11, Model Town, Lahore. As per our tenancy contract, I’ve paid all my dues and have not caused any damaged to your rental property. I have a clearance certificate for this signed by you. It has been more than 3 months now that I have left your rental property and asked for my tenancy security refund worth Rupees 50,000/- only. I had formally requested you for this refund earlier on 12th June, 2015 and 2nd July, 2015 but you did not respond to any of my letters.

Let me bring this to your notice that I have a written record of everything and if I won’t receive my tenancy refund within 7 working days i.e. by 17th August, 2015 I’ll file a legal proceeding against you. I hope you’ll take this letter before action seriously. I have enclosed copies of our tenancy contract, dues clearance certificate, and my previous formal request letters to you demanding for the security refund with this letter for your perusal.

Hope to see a prompt action from you.


Mr. Saad Syed

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