Letter for Cleaning Construction Site

Letter for Cleaning Construction Site

Dear Sir,

With reference to the meeting held at your good office on 21, September 2015, this is to remind you that no action has been taken in this regard from your side. the excavated material is still lying at the site and causing huge problems to the pace of ongoing works.

The observations made by our representative at the site are as follows:

The Contractor you employed for the transportation and disposal of excavated material at the site has not been delivering the expected outcome. He has not been able to achieve the progress desired by us.

The employed Contractor is not working with sufficient resources including both manpower and machinery for the disposal of excavated material from the site. with the pace, he is working it’s going to take months to clear off the site from the excavated material.

The lying excavated material is covering the passages for transportation causing serious problems to the other contractors working at the site regarding the access of the site.

It is advised that more Contractors be employed and more machinery is required for the quick disposal of this excavated material from the site so that the other contractors can have complete access to the site and can work at a fast pace without any problems.

Therefore an early action in this regard may be taken from your side. if the further action not been taken in this regard and the excavated material stayed at the site, the other contractor may ask for a time extension for other works.

Project Manager,s

Core Construction Company

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