Letter for Price Negotiation with Supplier

Letter for Price Negotiation with Supplier

Zenith Properties

David Store

New York

Subject: Letter for Price Negotiation

Dear Mr. David

We have received your consignment sent on August 29, 2016. The packages have been in good condition and the supply has been although a bit late but is in chained serial. It is to inform you that the price that you are charging per consignment is not according to the market rate of the concerned packages. We have some other suppliers too who are willing to provide us the same article on $4 for each. As we are purchasing the articles on $6 for each by you so we are continuously in a loss of $2.

So it is requested that please have a short meeting with us so that we can discuss the terms and conditions regarding price control and the current price must be negotiated.

Thank you for your concern. Please write us back for the meeting timetable as soon as possible before the further delivery of goods.



HR Department

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