Letter for Verification of Rates

Letter for Verification of Rates

Regional Sales Manager,

Pak Steel, Karachi, Pakistan.

Dear Sir,

We are M/s Kans Consultancy Company, we provide consultancy services for the construction sector. The contractor submitted his interim payment certificate and he has attached the steel reinforcement rates of your company for the period 2009 to 2015. It is requested that you confirm those rates. The rates are enclosed with this letter for your reference. The contractor claims that the rate attached is being issued by your company for the provision of steel at the required site.

We are writing this to have your up to date rates of steel for the calculation of contractor amount to the very actual. Your rate submission will make this matter quite easy to solve.

The contractor also claimed escalation on the base of attached steel rates so confirmations of these rates are necessary for payment to the contractor.

Kindly submit us the latest updated rates of steel reinforcement for the period 2009 to 2015 as you please. Though a quick action in this regard will be highly obliged.

Looking forward to a quick response from your side.

Project Manager,


M/s Kans Consultancy Company.

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