Letter Requesting Cancel the Supply of Material

Letter Requesting Cancel the Supply of Material

 Dear sir, 

We are pleased to inform you about the completion of our ongoing infrastructure project that has been continued till 4 years. As we were getting our work done at a very swift pace and it was a fast track project so now it is near to its completion.

 The purpose of this letter is to basically inform you that we will not be requiring any material from you due to the project completion. As you are well aware of that we made our order for material supply a few months back. As we can see that the material lying at the site will be sufficient until the completion of the project may be some of that material will be left and will be returned to you.

 So we are requesting you to please cancel our pending order of material supply at the earliest. An early action in this regard may be taken from your side. we will not be requiring any more material from you on this project. It is requested that if some material left out at site after the project completion it may be returned at any good price according to you.

 We will be very thankful to you for this cooperation and acceptance of the left material.


Thanking you in anticipation.

 Best regards,

 Ayesha Khan

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