Letter to Stop the Work on Site

Letter to Stop the Work on Site

Dear respected sir,

 With all due respect may I have your kind attention towards the ongoing construction work at the site of housing scheme near Baker Street, London.

 As we are concerned about the quality of work and being answerable to our worthy clients it is our foremost priority to carry out the supervision of the construction work of the best quality desired by our clients. According to our supervision staff at the site, it is concluded that the construction works’ quality is been getting worse day by day due to the unavailability of your technical staff at the site.

 We have observed the misalignment of some columns from the grid due to the error of your site staff. It has been forgiven one time but this could not be possible every day so it is better for our interest to shut off all the ongoing activities till further notice and decision by the management.

 Since we have warned you before about this matter in the last meeting held at our office dated 12th September 2015 but no action been taken in that regard from your side. so it was a very hard decision by the company to stop all the ongoing activities at the site related to the execution of work. This decision has been taken after a very detailed meeting session regarding your poor quality of work execution. So we will be grateful to you for stopping all the activities until the further decision in this regard is made by the management of our company. We will be calling a site staff meeting in this regard to look into the matter more briefly shortly as you’ll be also summoned for clarifications and improvement guarantees of the site work.

 It is advised that quick action may be taken in this regard to avoid more errors in the execution of the works.


Thanking your for your best cooperation and a quick action.

With Best regards,

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