NCERT Class 3 Solutions for Maths, English & EVS

Class 3 is the stepping-stone in education where students study various forms in topics that they need to grasp to do well in the exams. Despite providing a comprehensive knowledge of the different principles in specific subjects such as Maths, EVS, and English, this is likely to influence the students ‘ overall results. Class 3 students also ought to train themselves properly for their CBSE Class 3 tests.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths

Maths is one of the primary Class 3 topics. The syllabus in Class 3 mathematics contains numerous subjects such as forms, ratios, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, number counting, and position values. As per the current CBSE syllabus, the NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths provide answers to topics from different parts of the above-listed subjects.

Chapter 1 Where to look from?
Chapter 2 Fun with Numbers
Chapter 3 Give and Take
Chapter 4 Long and Short
Chapter 5 Shapes and Designs
Chapter 6 Fun with Give and Take
Chapter 7 Time Goes on
Chapter 8 Who is Heavier?
Chapter 9 How many times?
Chapter 10 Play with Patterns
Chapter 11 Jugs and Mugs
Chapter 12 Can We Share?
Chapter 13 Smart Charts
Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

The English program for Class 3 contains essays, stories, and a few subject-specific issues. The key aim of this topic is to impart the basic knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking English to students and to recognize the various sections of CBSE Class 3 English Grammar vocabulary. The Class 3 English NCERT Solutions primarily help students explain their concerns while solving queries relevant to their topic.

Unit 1 Poem: Good MorningUnit 1 The Magic Garden
Unit 2 Poem: Bird TalkUnit 2 Nina and The Baby Sparrows
Unit 3 Poem: Little by LittleUnit 3 The Enormous Turnip
Unit 4 Poem: Sea SongUnit 4 A Little Fish Story
Unit 5 Poem: The Balloon ManUnit 5 The Yellow Butterfly
Unit 6 Poem: TrainsUnit 6 The Story of The Road
Unit 7 Poem: Puppy and IUnit 7 Little Tiger, Big Tiger
Unit 8 Poem: What’s in the Mailbox?Unit 8 My Silly Sister
Unit 9 Poem: Don’t TellUnit 9 He Is My Brother
Unit 10 Poem: How Creatures MoveUnit 10 The Ship of the Desert

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS

EVS stands for Research of Climate. Students learn about the value of our world in Class 3 EVS syllabus, and how to keep it secure, healthy and secured. The NCERT Strategies for Class 3 EVS enable students learn how to answer different questions relevant to the world and achieve strong marks on the test.

Chapter 1 Poonam’s Day OutChapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings
Chapter 2 The Plant FairyChapter 14 The Story of Food
Chapter 3 Water O’ Water!Chapter 15 Making Pots
Chapter 4 Our First SchoolChapter 16 Games we Play
Chapter 5 Chhotu’s HouseChapter 17 Here comes a Letter
Chapter 6 Foods We EatChapter 18 A House Like This
Chapter 7 Saying without SpeakingChapter 19 Our Friends- Animals
Chapter 8 Flying HighChapter 20 Drop by Drop
Chapter 9 It’s RainingChapter 21 Families can be Different
Chapter 10 What is CookingChapter 22 Left-Right
Chapter 11 From Here to ThereChapter 23 A Beautiful Cloth
Chapter 12 Work We DoChapter 24 Web of Life

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