Payment Letter For Recovery

Dear customer,

I am writing you on behalf of Ufone. You have been our dear and most regular customer for 3 years. We respect your such loyalty to the firm and we appreciate your consistency and firm belief in us. We also feel proud on serving good customers each and every day. Respected customer, there has been an issue for last 3 months regarding the payment of the telephone bills. We have not received a single payment from you related to your telephone bill for three months. Based on your good record and punctual payment plan we have so far tolerated this deal and we have not terminated your connection. Dear customer it is to inform you that you are kindly requested to pay back the remaining bill of the three months or in the next month we regret to tell you that we may have to terminate your telephone connection owing to your non-paid bills.

I hope that you keep the position of company in mind and will decide to pay the remaining bills as soon as possible. Doing so will save us from the hectic work from which we have to go through every day.

Thanking you in advance

Yours sincerely


Recovery Manager

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