Rajasthan Board Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus

Learning mathematics is vital fundamental altogether education system.Every student has different starting points.Some find it as enjoyable,others find it as challenging.Some will find the theorems and results,others will find the formulae and rules.Mathematics underpins many aspects in our lifestyle .Learning Mathematics is a superb vehicle to coach our mind.It develops the capacity to think logically,critically,creatively in many situations.

The Board Of education ,Rajasthan (BSER) aims of mathematics education enables students to:

  • Acquire and apply mathematical concepts
  • Through a mathematical approach develop cognitive skills to problem solving skill
  • Develop positive attitude towards maths.

Appreciate the abstract nature and power of mathematics.

Some of the chapters involved in the school 7 mathematics syllabus are numeration system, algebra, measurement, Geometry, Statistics. The syllabus for sophistication 7 maths is as follows:

2Fractions and Decimal Numbers
3Square and Square root
4Rational Numbers
5Powers and Exponents
6Vedic Mathematics
7Lines and Angles
8Triangle and its properties
9Congruence of triangles
10Construction of Triangles
12Visualizing Solid Shapes
13Algebraic Expression
14Simple Equation
15Comparison of Quantities
16Perimeter and Area
17Data Handling

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