Request for Bank Loan Letter Samples

Request for Bank Loan Letter Samples

 Joseph Andrews, 

 Satellite Town, Malaysia.

 The Branch Manager,

 Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia.

 Dear Sir,

 It is submitted that the applicant is the account holder in your bank for the last ten years. As the applicant is also the resident of this city, the bank knows all details about his identity and must have been a trustworthy client of your bank.

 Sir, the applicant is a person who makes his living on a monthly basis as a salaried person and has no other source of income for extraordinary expenses. To live in a social environment demands many things and a person has to accommodate him with these formalities like wedding ceremonies, the events of family gatherings, occasions of sorrow, etc. To fulfill all these, sometimes a man is coerced to make extra efforts that are beyond his power, limitations, and resources.

 The applicant is the only breadwinner of his family and has a great responsibility on his shoulders i.e. marriage of his sister. Being the elder brother, the applicant has to arrange the ceremony altogether way.

 In light of the above circumstances, the applicant requests you for the provision of Bank Loan for the purpose of a sister marriage of almost five hundred thousand.

 The loan shall be returned with his best possible interest and efforts.

 An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

 Peter Pounce

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