Request Letter for Business Partnership

Request Letter for Business Partnership

 Dear Mr. William, 

On the eve of our previous meeting, I can clearly remember that you had talked about your plans to start a business of your own. Fortunately, we both are on the same page when it comes to the argument that the best way of earning money is to do a business of your keen interest and wide experience. As you know, we both have been working in the same company for past 5 years and have similar experience in the field of development of digital technologies. After profound thinking, I have also made my mind to initiate a business in this field. Would it not be wonderful if we start this business on the basis of equal partnership? My answer is: yes!  What do you think about this? 

Before letting me know your decision about starting a business partnership, I must tell you that, for me, you are the most suitable person for this partnership. Because, as an old friend of yours, I have complete faith in your professional skills and abilities. There is no need to praise myself as I am very well known to you. Most importantly, we have essential finance for starting a business and both know very well about the basics of business management.

 I look forward to an early hearing a positive response from you.


Stay blessed,

Smith Bond

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