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One of India’s largest and powerful education structures, the Tamil Nadu Education Board is. The origin of the Department of Education was first established in 1826 by the Governor of the Province of Madras named Sir Thomas Munro with the main goal of having the highest literacy in both the state of Tamil Nadu and all over India. In 1841 the first high school was built, the state Secondary Education was established and in 1910 the first SSLC Public Examination held in the state of Tamil Nadu was in 1911.

Native nameஅரசு தேர்வுகள் இயக்ககம்
TNBSE Full Form Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education
TypeGovernmental Board of School Education
HeadquartersChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Primary LanguageTamil, English
Key peopleSengotiyan, Minister for school education; Director: D Vasundaradevi

TN Board Syllabus 

With comprehensive work by the topic experts, the whole syllabus for Tamil Nadu state board is planned under the guidance of the Tamil Nadu education system and prepared according to the respective grades. The syllabus is regularly modified and revised to provide the best standard education. All the Tamil Nadu state board schools obey the syllabus of Samacheer Kalvi and were introduced by the states Standardized School Education Program to provide all students with a decent standard of education without prejudice.

Class 6 Question Papers
Class 7 Question Papers
Class 8 Question Papers
Class 9 Question Papers
Class 10 Question Papers
Class 11 Question Papers
Class 12 Question Papers


The books of Samacheer kalvi describe the complicated idea only in a clear language. It is the best resource for grades 1 through 12 students. With the aid of fascinating examples and diagrams it gives proper and accurate information as needed. The TN board textbooks often offer an outline of the principles and drills, since they provide students with ample preparation before the test.

TN Board Class 1 Textbooks
TN Board Class 2 Textbooks
TN Board Class 3 Textbooks
TN Board Class 4 Textbooks
TN Board Class 5 Textbooks
TN Board Class 6 Textbooks
TN Board Class 7 Textbooks
TN Board Class 8 Textbooks
TN Board Class 9 Textbooks
TN Board Class 10 Textbooks
TN Board Class 11 Textbooks
TN Board Class 12 Textbooks

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