Warning Letter for Non Payment of Dues Loan

United American Bank

Washington D.C.

Mr. George Belly

West District

Subject: Warning Letter for Non Payment

Dear Mr. George.

It is stated that the finance department has audited your account Number 98888833637262 and found that you have not cleared your debentures since the last six months. You have been sent notices 3 times to clear your debentures but you did not put an ear to these notices.

This is the final letter to you from the bank to make it clear that if you do not clear your account with in 15 days of receiving this letter, your account and all the contracts related to your account shall be terminated and further legal proceedings will also be start against you. Make sure that you clear all the loans within 15 days after receiving this letter.

No further notice will be sent to you in this regard.

Thank you for your concern. Please feel free to contact our bank from Monday to Friday on this number 98098776878.


Relationship Manager

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