Warning Letter from Principal to Teacher

Dear Mr. Douglas Amok,

I have evaluated the monthly academic reports of all classes. The subjects taught by you have shown poor results. The consistent poor academic performance of majority of students in your subject shows that the fault lies on your side. They even don’t understand the very basic concepts of the subject. Their expression of ideas and illustration are not up to the mark. You were supposed to take notice of this by means of their feedback. Unfortunately, lapse on your side has wasted much precious time of the students. Moreover, I have also checked your attendance record of the previous month which is also disappointed because you have been absent for a day in every week. How can a teacher advise his students to be punctual if he himself is not punctual in the class?

Mr. Douglas, your performance as a responsible teacher is not satisfactory at all. Please consider this writing as a warning. I hope you shall not repeat such a disappointed performance.


Mr. Forbes Robar,

The principal, the National Service institute

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