Warning to Neighbor Before Action/FIR

Mr. Zia.ur.Rehman Malik,

124-X, Street 17,

Residential Area,


Subject: Letter before action for loud noise

Dear Mr. Zia.ur.Rehman,

Take this as a formal notice that your loud abusive home environment is imparting a negative effect on my family. My kids are young and they feel afraid of going out due to your constant nagging and shouting at home. Furthermore, the television and music played at your home is very loud and disturbs our sleep at night. We have office in the morning and a good peaceful night’s sleep is very important for us. Whatever you do at your home is your business but please make sure that anything you do doesn’t affect us in anyway or else I’ll have to take this to the court. I hope you’ll take this letter before action very seriously.

Looking forward to a positive response from you.


Zahid Hussain

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